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Together We Grow–Construction Update

Construction on our new auditorium has begun. Steve Johnston, the chair of the Emmanuel Building Committee, gives an update on the project.

This video was shown on July 13, 2014 as part of the service.


Together We Launch

Pastor Derrick announces that we are ready to launch the building of our new auditorium, summarizing how we got here and what the plan is going forward. Exiting times!

This video was shown on February 16, 2014 and on May 25, 2014 as part of the service.


Pastor Koch Announcement

Pastor Derek presented this video announcement about significant changes in his life and the direction that God is leading him. We wish him all the best in his new endeavour.

[Embedded Video]

This video was shown during the service on November 24, 2013.


Building Committee: Design Build

This video introduces Emmanuel's Building Committee, provides an update on the status of the project, and outlines the direction being considered for construction.

This video was shown on November 3, 2013 as part of the service.


Derrick Hamre: Building a Place for Ministry

We're hearing from leaders at Emmanuel to see what building a new auditorium means to them. For Derrick Hamre , it's about building a place where ministry takes place.

This video was shown on July 14, 2013 and on September 15, 2013 as part of the service.