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Missed a Sunday? Listening from around the world? Whatever the reason, this is the place to obtain recordings of the sermons at Emmanuel, and we're glad you found us.

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Not Just Any Ordinary Sheep

Ben McGillivray

Youth and Young Adults Pastor

In Matthew's Gospel Jesus likens his disciples to sheep. But as we dig deeper we find that the disciples, and likewise Christians today, are not called to be like any ordinary sheep. We uncover just what type of sheep we are called to be.
[Matthew 10:16-20]

     Introducing Cal & Chrissy Krahn Video

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Clashing Kingdoms

Dave Demchuk

President, Summit Pacific College

The coming kingdom of God impacts our culture. Like a sailing boat cutting across the waves, the kingdom is so radically different than our culture. We learn how we can best navigate through the waters of clashing kingdoms.

•Missions Testimony and Baptism of Jaden
                               by Ben McGillivray (2.7MB MP3)
•Javin Shares His Spring Break Experience
                               by Jeff Bjorgan (1.6MB MP3)

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  • Concluding thoughts after an Easter drama

Jeff Bjorgan

Lead Pastor

What would you be willing to do to achieve the greatest treasure the world has ever known? Easter reminds us that Jesus gave us the treasure of life, a treasure that quenches our thirst for meaning, a gift that demands our all in return.

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Good Friday

  • Good Friday Interdenominational Service

Roger Liegmann

Lead Pastor, WestMOUNT Church

When Jesus declared on the cross that "it is finished," the "it" refers to our salvation. Jesus proclaims that he did everything necessary to reunite us with God. Even the soldiers who participated in the crucifixion realized Jesus was the Son of God.
[Matthew 27:39-54]

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Walking into Your Mission

  • Ordination Service for Tom Harbour
  • With Tom Harbour & Darwin Pichette

Jeff Bjorgan

Lead Pastor

As we celebrate Palm Sunday, we are reminded that all of the details of our life matter to God and form the people we are and the mission we are called to. Pastor Tom Harbour embraces his mission as he is ordained during this special service.

•Serving in Myanmar/Burma by Colleen Bauman (3.0MB MP3)

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Kindness that Battles Autonomy

  • Roots Series 8

Jeff Bjorgan

Lead Pastor

We live in an autonomous culture where people live alone. To combat loneliness, we need to cultivate God’s character of kindness: dignifying people through helpful loving action. The story of David and Mephibosheth models how to develop a culture of kindness.
[2 Samuel 9]

•Called to Missions in Cabo San Lucas
                               by Mike & Anna Mason (3.6MB MP3)
•Heading to Zambia by Bridget Ingram (2.5MB MP3)

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Self-control in Response to Cravings

  • Roots Series 7

Jeff Bjorgan

Lead Pastor

Enkrateia, the Greek word translated as self-control in our Bibles, is actually intended to mean God-controlled. When we cultivate enkrateia in our lives, our freedom in the Spirit allows us to be other-focused: resisting our passions by being servants.
[Luke 8:14-15; Titus 3:3-5]

•Commissioning the Team to Vancouver
                               by Ben McGillivray & Jeff Bjorgan (1.7MB MP3)

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Gentleness Amidst the Rage

  • Roots Series 6

Jeff Bjorgan

Lead Pastor

Gentleness is the act of grounding our relationships in something other than pride or power. In a world that responds to conflict with self-preservation and violence, gentleness provides an alternative response marked by care and concern for others.
[Ephesians 4:29-5:2; Colossians 3:12]

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Faithfullness in Spite of a Disposable Culture

  • Roots Series 5

Jeff Bjorgan

Lead Pastor

Faithfulness is looking after what God has given us over a lifetime, though we live in a disposable culture where nothing needs to be trustworthy for long. Within this tension we are called to be good stewards and truth tellers as evidence of the Gospel.
[1 Corinthians 4:1-2; Matthew 25:21-23]

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Stick People

Don Richmond

Hockey Ministries International

How clear and accurate is our spiritual vision? It can be very easy and convenient to view the people around us as stick people. But Jesus wants us to see real people and genuinely love them in the ways he demonstrated for us.
[Mark 8:22-25]

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Goodness after Virtue

  • Roots Series 4

Jeff Bjorgan

Lead Pastor

The Bible states that only God is good, but we are created with the capacity and potential for goodness. In a world that is obsessed with "fixing ourselves," we can partner with God by displaying the power of His goodness to those around us.
[Romans 7:14-20: Ephesians 2:8-10]

     Open Door Drive Video

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Peace in a World of Injustice

  • Roots Series 3

Jeff Bjorgan

Lead Pastor

Our world needs to recapture the power of peace, an active peace, where nations lay their weapons down and work together. It begins with the church, the embodiment of Jesus, removing obstacles to God’s peace being revealed through them.
[Isaiah 2: Ephesians 2:14-18]

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