Summer Cookouts

Join us every second Thursday of the summer for our summer cookout season. We’ll be meeting at Gellatley Nut Farm at 6 pm on July 2, July 16, July 30, August 13, and August 27.

We’ll bring the barbeques and juice, along with condiments, utensils, and tables. You bring the rest: some meat to grill and a salad or dessert to share.

Keep an eye out on the site for special activities related to the different dates. We’ll have activities for kids and adults too!


Bringing the Family Together Initiative

After going through a long transition period, we are excited about what the Spring and Summer brings to Emmanuel. We want to begin to re-connect with our church family! The Bringing the Family Together Initiative includes three aspects:

Lifestage Gatherings.  We believe whole-heartedly in having the generations worship together. However, sometimes we can gain fresh perspective by spending some time with people in our own stage of life and hearing what our peers value, hope for, and commit to. Over the months of May and June, we will be having invitational Lifestage Gatherings in different people’s homes. At each gathering we’ll be chatting about next steps at Emmanuel.

Hello Sundays.  Every so often we ask everyone to wear a name tag on a Sunday morning, just for people to get to know each other. Our Bringing the Family Together Initiative will be having name tags available for every Sunday from May 24 to June 28. In addition to this, we are planning to have a simple lunch (with a toonie donation) after each service, to provide a time for people to linger and build friendship.

Sign Up Sunday.  We often promote the different ministries of Emmanuel in the Fall. This year, we would like to start planning for our Fall initiatives early. On May 31, we’re going to have tables available where people can volunteer to be a part of the ministries and initiatives at Emmanuel. 

It’s Spring and what better time to re-acquaint with family members? Join us as we bring the family together!


Spring Sermon Series: Tortured Wonders

When:  Sundays at 9 & 11 am in May & June
Where: Emmanuel Westbank Auditorium

We have heard many times in Christian circles that we are on this earth to glorify God, to worship him with all that we do and with all that we are. More often than not, however, the primary obstacle that gets in the way of worship is our very bodies. Our soul thirsts for God, but our bodies, it would appear, long for the things of this world. This tension sometimes results in guilt or shame, confusion, or even a sense of rebellion: why would God give us THESE bodies with THESE issues?

Tortured Wonders is a series that we will be presenting throughout the months of May and June that deals with some of these tensions. Our bodies are, as the great poet George Herbert once described, tortured wonders—beautifully made, but difficult to manage. Our main point that we want to get across is that we do, in fact, worship God with our bodies, with the vessels he has given us, and that ultimately this is a good thing, regardless of the obstacles. Come join us as we discuss a range of issues dealing with our bodies, from sexuality to gender issues, to parenting, and to human trafficking. We seek to provide a redemptive perspective when it comes to the ways we use the bodies God has given us.

Schedule of Sermons:

  • May 3:  Idols and Images
  • May 10:  Women and Equality
  • May 17:  Exploiting Humanity
  • May 31:  Attraction
  • June 14:  Talking about Sexuality
  • June 21:  Men and Masculinity


Thirsty: Easter Sunday Presentation

When:  Sunday, April 5, 2015 at 9 & 11 am
Where: Emmanuel Westbank Auditorium

Join us for our 9 or 11 am service on Easter Sunday morning as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. During our special service, we will be having a drama and multimedia presentation called Thristy. We look at what the followers of Jesus felt after the crucifixion and then again after the resurrection! We contrast the dryness of life without Christ with the resurrected Christ as our living water.

In the end all who are thirsty are invited to come and drink the living water. We will partake of communion together and worship our living Lord.


Good Friday Interdenominational Service: 10 am

When:  Friday, April 3, 2015 at 10 am
Where: Emmanuel Westbank Auditorium

Join us for an interdenominational service on Good Friday, April 3 at 10 am. The service will reflect on the sacrifice of our Lord and the meaning of the cross. There will be worship, special music, communion, and a reflection from God's Word.

Both nursery and children's ministry will be available.


10th Annual Women's Retreat: May 1-3

When:  May 1-3, 2015
Where: RockRidge Canyon Resort
(near Princeton, BC)
Cost:   $170/person ($155 for the first 30 registrants)

Our 10th annual women’s retreat is taking place on May 1-3, and our theme is called A Life Well Travelled. Registration is $155 for the first 30 guests, and the $170 for those that register afterwards. The registration deadline is April 15, 2015. Download a registration form here, as well as a RockRidge Canyon Health Consent Form. The retreat is being held again at Rockridge Canyon in Princeton, BC.

We are pleased to have as our guest, international speaker Connie Cavanaugh. Connie is as real as it gets when she speaks to thousands each year. She will encourage your faith with hilarious stories and sensible biblical teaching. Connie’s best-selling book, From Faking it to Finding Grace blows the cover on her 10 year season of spiritual dryness as a minister’s wife. It offers hope for those who hide their doubts behind Sunday morning smiles. Her book, Following God One Yes at a Time shows you how to stick with God in your no-Hollywood-ending life where “stuff” happens. Connie and her husband Gerry Taillon have three married children and five grandchildren. To find out more about Connie, visit her website at

For more information about the retreat, contact Nina Roffey at*ninacroffey*2015 Women's Retreat.

Registration Forms

2015 Women's Retreat Brochure & Registration Form (1.9MB PDF)
RockRidge Canyon Health Consent Form (0.2MB PDF)


Looking for Business Directory Entries

There are many people that run businesses at Emmanuel and we would like to form a directory to allow people to network with other people in business, as well as provide our people an opportunity to see what businesses are available through others in the church.

We hope to have the directory out this Spring. Feel free to download the Directory registration form. Or e-mail the church office (office*Business Directory) for more information.

Business Directory Sign-up Form (0.1MB Word Doc)


Spring Break Wild West Camp: Mar 16–19

When: March 16-19, 9 am to noon
Where: Emmanuel Church
Cost: $20

For those kids in kindergarten to grade 6, we've got something special lined up, and it promises to be a rip roarin' fun time! We have lots of games, crafts, crazy tall tales, and yummy grub to eat. All it costs is $20 for all four days.

Contact Leah Johnston if you have any questions. Registration is at the door. Hope to see ya there!


Annual General Business Meeting: Mar 1

When:  Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 6:00 pm
Where: Emmanuel Westbank Auditorium

Once a year the membership of Emmanuel Church is called together for our official church business meeting. The goal is to deal with the previous twelve months and to cast our vision for the year or years ahead.

Members are strongly encouraged to attend this important AGM. Adherents are also welcome to come.

Annual Business Meeting: 6 pm

For all members and adherents of Emmanuel Church. We will be voting on Stage 2 of finances for our auditorium. In addition, we will be electing 2 deacons to our Leadership Team, nomination ballots are in this week's bulletin. We will receive a report on 2014 finances and pastoral reports. It's a night for review and vision casting.

Included in the events will be the receiving of individuals into membership. Come join us for this important meeting. There will be coffee and doughnuts for the adults. We have arranged for supervision for the babies and older children so those with children can attend. Mark it on your calendar!


Seek God for the City 2015

Emmanuel Church joins with thousands of churches during the 40 days leading up to Palm Sunday. The purpose is to help us pray over our city and also the world with a clarity, authority and relevance. How do we do this? There is a 40-day prayer guide with biblical ideas for prayer for each day. These booklets can be picked up at the info desk or the church office for a suggested donation of $2.

Seek God for the City 2015 helps you pray with clarity and biblical hope for others.

  • Renews the confidence of everyday believers to pray with clarify, authority and relevance.
  • Connects God's promises with insightful ways to pray for the needs and challenges of our city and community.
  • Sustains hope for God to bring transforming blessing in our city.
  • The companion app is available for your smartphone & tablet.