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Greetings from Dominican Feed the Kids »

Bill & Donna Reimer

It is with much gratitude and appreciation that we look back on the year of 2012 and see what has happened in our village as a result of the loving, caring and giving team of supporters of our programs here in Dominican Republic.

The health of the children in the village is definitely one of the most apparent things we see, due to the nutrition of the HotMeal Program and the vitamin supplements, there is marked improvement in their over all health. The baby sponsorship program is a huge success and many babies are thriving as a result. Of course these are always in addition to the sponsored family food supplement program that many take part in.

Our motto for 2012 “You are only poor if YOU think you are” resulted in teaching many in the village there were a lot of things they could do for themselves that did not require money. The result is a cleaner village, a much improved drainage system, The new system has resulted in many of them working with us in the Hot Meal program and the food distribution in exchange for food for their families and formula for their babies.

Our new motto for 2013 is “Every person has potential—be the best of what you were created to be.” This will be a year of teaching respect for yourself and that resulting in respect for each other, respect for the elderly and the children. Also we will be working with some to get their needed paper work to be legally here and legally able to work and support themselves and their families. As the year progresses hopefully we will be able to give you good news updates of how this progressing.

Our budget needs for 2012 were met and we look forward to God providing in 2013 for an expanded version of last year as far as the programs. We will be putting an actual 2012 budget and the proposed 2013 site budget out to you soon so watch for the revised website coming soon with all the new information in it...

Thank you again to all of our supporters in prayers, finances, volunteering and encouraging. We love and appreciate you all.