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Dan & Mardell MacTavish

Greetings from White Rock, BC!

We were privileged to have Luke Liable, photographer and graduate from Summit Pacific Bible College in BC, accompany us on our recent ministry time in Spain. His keen insights, skills and connectness with those he photographed were seen each day as he creatively captured so much of the life and spirit of Spain’s people and of our colleagues and ministry situations.

We trust you enjoy the video clips. Further photography can be found on our website,, or on Luke’s site,

While here in White Rock we continue to develop and grow a new missional fellowship in the community. Just last week one of Mardie’s former ESL students requested Bible studies and renewed relationship.

We so value your prayer, support and relationship as you help us do the work of the ministry in the areas of calling that God has placed on our lives.

Dan and Mardie MacTavish


Jesus Giraldo Video: – Bilbao, Spain:  Jesus, educated in the highest Jesuit university in Spain, tells the story of how God revolutionized his life. Working in the northern Basque region of Spain, he is now seeing healthy growth and the outcome of his prayer and calling before God: “Put us in a tough place in order that we can see your power and glory.”

Ministry Overview Video: – Our October assignment to Spain took us to 5 regions of the country as we met with Salem church pastors and their congregations. It’s always deeply motivating to work alongside our dear Spanish friends and colleagues who have labored so diligently and with such faith to see God at work in this intriguing nation. Capture the essence of Spain filmed in this brief overview of our time there.